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Bug Clear Ultra 2 Gun 800ml RTU


Bug Clear Ultra 2 Gun ready to use (RTU)

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BugClear Ultra 2 Gun! is an insecticide ideal for flowers, roses, ornamental plants and shrubs. With fast-acting results within 24 hours on aphids, whiteflies, mites and mealy bugs it protects up to 3 weeks after 2 applications.

Where to use

BugClear Ultra 2 Gun! is ideal for ornamental plants. Some plants may be sensitive to oils. It is always advisable to test a sample of plants, by treating them and leaving for at least two weeks, before treating a large or valuable collection. Do not treat sensitive species of floral plants with delicate foliage (e.g. cyclamens, ferns, etc). Some varieties of dahlia and nasturtium may be particularly sensitive to BugClear Ultra 2 Gun! Do not spray directly onto blooms.